Creative Projects at DCU

DCU Arts and Culture supports and celebrates the creativity and artistic talent of the university's students, staff and our neighbouring communities. This page showcases some of the projects we have supported through initiatives such as the Anam fund - a small grants scheme that helps staff and students to get creative and engage with the wider community.


The Eternal Memory

The Eternal Memory is a short film by Diarmuid Kennedy that  explores the extraordinary life-logging experiment being conducted by researcher Dr Cathal Gurrin, who has been recording every waking minute of his life since 2006. The film, with a score composed by Diarmuid and participation from local ensemble Setanta Strings, poses fascinating questions about time, memory and personal choice. The Eternal Memory was an official entry in the Montréal Independent Film Festival 2021.

Hello World

May 2021 saw the launch of "Hello World" - A celebration of life in lockdown". Supported by DCU Arts and Culture's Anam fund, the project involved creative contributions from staff, students and participants of the Age-Friendly DCU programme. The participants' work featured in the Bealtaine festival 2021 and included a podcast, an E-Book and a series of short films like this one by AFU participant Colm.

Mini Jazz Festival

This virtual mini jazz festival featured students from the DCU Centre for Jazz Performance. The festival programme showcased the talents of the 'Standards Ensemble' and the 'Jobim Ensemble' - extracurricular groups formed by the students to explore particular jazz styles. Playing from their own homes, the musicians performed lively interpretations of some classic jazz tunes.