Dave Rudden | DCU Writer-in-Residence 2022

DCU Writer-in-Residence 2022 - Dave Rudden

dave rudder - DCU Writer in Residence 2022

Dave Rudden - DCU Writer-in-Residence 2022

Hi all,
My name’s Dave Rudden and it is my great pleasure to introduce myself as your Writer-in-Residence for 2022. What does this mean? Essentially, that I work for you for the next twelve months – looking to find ways to bring creativity and new life to literature across DCU’s faculties and campuses.

A little about me – I’m a graduate of St. Pats who first discovered a love of theatre and performance through working with the drama society before going on to teach both in Ireland and abroad. Inspired by my work with teenagers (and how ferociously picky an audience they are) I wrote a novel called Knights of the Borrowed Dark about an anxious teenager from Mayo who gets unwillingly drafted into an organization of monster hunters. Unfortunately for this teenager, he’s read all the books where this happens to people, and tends to ask the questions that usually get you kicked out of Being A Protagonist – questions like ‘do I get paid for risking my life?’ and ‘why don’t you try talking to
monsters instead of slaying them?’ (He also develops a crush on one. It would not be a YA book without some very poor choices being made)


DCU Library

Since Knights was published in 2016, I’ve travelled to more than 800 Irish schools, libraries, festivals, conventions and one literary death match. I speak about creativity, mental health, bullying, fantasy writing, and how to get words on the page, and I’m hoping to bring that advice and positivity to DCU in the coming year.

With that in mind, one of the first initiatives I’d like to announce is a Writing Clinic for each DCU campus on the 15th, 16th and 18th February. If you’ve ever been curious about writing, a career in the arts, or simply want to discuss beard-grooming techniques and what fantasy series you’re obsessed with, just book an appointment through this link, and bring your questions/comments/opinions about writing. I can’t wait to hear them and help out in any way I can.

I am also offering a one-on-one mentorship for aspiring authors to both a member of staff and a student.
An open call will be promoted via DCU Arts and Culture Newsletter and the Student Union Newsletter in February. 

Keep an eye on DCU’s social media for workshops and events of all kinds over the year, and if you are a member of staff or part of a club/society and you have an idea for an event or partnership, drop me a line.

Warm regards,