Image of the MELLIE Participants

Those Who Travel Have Stories to Tell

Last month, an event took place in IMMA, to celebrate the collaborative narrative mapping project by participants in the Migrant English Language, Literacy and Intercultural Education (MELLIE) Programme, led by Dublin City University, as part of our University of Sanctuary initiative.

Over the course of three months, MELLIE participants exchanged life stories to reflect on the notion of sameness and differences in a context of forced migration, and engaged with the IMMA exhibition, ‘Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now’ through the SPICE Project, an EU Research Project dedicated to Citizen Curation. This follows on from a project in 2021 where, DCU’s MELLIE Programme collaborated with IMMA to host Visual Voices, a collaborative storytelling project promoting equality, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion. 

Congratulations to all the participants: Fatima Sharifi, Sean Kiernan-Harvey, Latifa Javadi, Jing Wang, Chantal Skubic
Safora Mohammadi, Sayed, Gordon Ogutu, Evangeline Gibson, Nargis Mohammadi, Zahra Adeli, Colette Maloney,
Farzana Muradi, Matthew,  Zia Rahimi, Khalid Azim, Leysi Rubio, Hogai Wardak, Devin Duffy-McKenna,
Ismail Sultani, Declan Nugent, Mohammad Ali Sultani, Sarah Deneher, Nasima Shafaq, Inmaculada Gomez Soler,
Farahnaz Froogh, Malika Arbabi, Tara Ronan O’Hagan, Shoaib Karimi, Martin Toal, Mohammad Maqsoud Zamir, Azizullah Dost, Anne Kearns, Arasta Nizai, Abuzar Sultani, Reem Eva Lebbar, Amrullah Ghulamzada, Gabriel Hogan, Killian Downing, Mishiko.

For more information on the University of Sanctuary programme including the MELLIE project click here

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Images Credit: Adam Stoneman, IMMA