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School of Electronic Engineering


Glasnevin and All Hallow campuses extensions starting with "5", "6", "7" or "8" may be called directly from outside by the prefix "700". The full international code for extension 5000 is thus +353 1 7005000.

St Patrick's campus extensions starting with "2" may be called directly from outside by the prefix "884". The full international code for extension 2000 is thus +353 1 8842000.

Name Rolesort descending Campus Room Tel
Dr Pascal Landais S345 8044
Ms Breda McManus S325 5131
Dr Ovidiu Ghita S360 7637
Mr Billy Roarty DCU Glasnevin Campus SG17 5366
Dr Noel Murphy DCU Glasnevin Campus S323 5433
Mr Barry Cardiff S344 7418
Dr Nick Bennett S214 7625
Mr Anthony Murphy N113 5887
Dr Muhammad Morshed S214 7696
Dr Anthony Holohan S343 5107
Dr Martin Collier DCU Glasnevin Campus S321 5135
Mr Andrew Kelly S220 7645
RINCE Institute Director S321 5135
Prof Andrew Ellis S331
Dr Marissa Condon S342 5405
Dr Patricia Moore DCU Glasnevin Campus S317 7640
Ms Lisa O'Reilly S214 7696
Dr Brendan Cronin S322 7948
Mr Liam Meany DCU Glasnevin Campus S142 8150
Rui Zhou S328 7666
Prof Liam Barry S333 5431
Dr Nima Gorji S344 7418
Dr Kevin Robinson S132 7637
Mr Ken Horan S221 7696
Dr Kealan McCusker N2.19 6830
Mr John Whelan S130 5364
Prof Thomas Curran S319 5128
Mr John Diskin S220A 5856
Dr Suresh Uppal S214 7625
Dr Jennifer McManis S330 8043
Dr Sourav Mukhopadhyay S361 8514
Ms Jennifer Bruton DCU Glasnevin Campus S354 5034
Sorin Sav S221 5872
Dr Severine Philippe S361 8514
Mr Ger Considine SG17 7628
Dr Sean Marlow S337 5120
Dr Gabriel-Miro Muntean DCU Glasnevin Campus S326 7648
Dr Sean Kelly S214 7696
Dr Frank Smyth S327 5937
Dr Ronan Scaife S355 5434
Dr Francis Olabanji Lucas S221 7696
Dr Robert Sadleir DCU Glasnevin Campus S359 8592
Ms Elaine Mc Glynn S214 7696
Dr Douglas Reid S317 7640
Mr Robert Clare S142 5867
Dr Derek Molloy DCU Glasnevin Campus S356 5355
Ms Ramona Trestian S319 7425
Mr David Molloy S349 8426
Dr Philip Perry S327 5937
Mr Daniel Larkin S135 5079
Prof Paul F. Whelan S362 5489
Mr Conor Maguire S142 8320
Mr Paul Wogan S131 5868
Dr Conor Brennan S339 7649
Dr Paul Maguire S333 6401
Dr Ciaran O Conaire L129 6830
Prof Patrick McNally S347 5119
Mr Ciaran Kelly S214 7696
Mr Tony Ayres Guru Project S348 6278
Mr Ian Harrison Guru Project S347 6279
Mr Darek Jop Guru Project S347 6279
Head of School (EE) Head of School S324 7606
Dr Xiaojun Wang Lecturer DCU Glasnevin Campus S341 5808
Dr Gurusharan Singh Gogna Post Doctoral Researcher S214 7696
Dr Robert Maher Post Doctoral Researcher SB10 5884
Dr Hrishikesh Venkataraman Post Doctorate S333 6401