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Dr Ruth McManus

History & Geography

Name: Dr Ruth McManus
Department: History & Geography
Work Area: History & Geography
Role: Lecturer
Phone Number: 01 884 2198
Email Address: Ruth.McManus@dcu.ie
Room: SPD D310
Campus: DCU St Patricks Campus

Biographical Details

Dr Ruth McManus is Associate Professor in Geography. Before the formation of DCU's School of History & Geography she was Head of the Geography Department in St Patrick's College, Drumcondra (2010-2016). She is the author of Dublin 1910-1940: shaping the city and suburbs (2002) and Crampton Built (2008), and co-editor of Leaders of the City (2013). Her work includes articles on various aspects of urban geography, suburban history, population, heritage, tourism and geography education. She is particularly interested in the nature of the urban and suburban landscape and much of her work focuses on the physical and social development of everyday spaces. She has many media appearances, including TV, radio and newspaper articles.

Current projects include 
a book on the construction of twentieth-century Dublin, the Drumcondra fasicle for the RIA Irish Historic Towns Atlas new Dublin Suburbs series, research on lodgers, and explorations into housing in provincial towns.  She was awarded an Expert Researcher College Fellowship for the academic year 2015/16. She is a member of the multidisciplinary international network on Urban Agency: The Historical Fabrication of the City as an object of study, co-ordinated by the Urban Studies Institute (Antwerp), as part of which she is co-editor of a forthcoming book.

PhD enquiries are encouraged in the areas of suburbanisation, the development of Dublin, heritage and landscape change.

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