The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Team

The DCU Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Team

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Fiona Carvill, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead

Fiona Carvill, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead

Fiona is a passionate advocate of the importance of a diverse, employee-centred workplace in delivering strategic goals and creating real inclusivity and engagement. She has extensive experience in the design and implementation of strategic HR initiatives spanning recruitment, learning, employee engagement, talent management and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. She has managed communications and people impact elements of significant change programmes in both the public and private sectors.

Fiona played a leading role in the 2020 retention of the DCU Athena SWAN Bronze Award and will manage the journey to Silver, through progressive and innovative equality initiatives.  Fiona's vision for EDI at DCU is that we will be renowned as a University that is committed to meaningful equality and that every member of the DCU Community can attest to a work environment that is equal and respectful.

A white woman with brown hair

Lorna Greene, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Co-ordinator

Lorna Greene, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Co-ordinator

Lorna has a background in social activism and campaigning and brings her experience of working with grassroots groups to the EDI Unit. With a professional background in health policy, Lorna is passionate about person centred outcomes and ensuring that policy reflects lived experience. 

Lorna represents DCU on the National Advisory Committee for implementing the Framework for Consent in Higher Education Institutions. 

Lorna is always keen to hear directly from DCU staff about equality, diversity and inclusion. If you have any ideas, concerns or questions related to EDI at DCU, do not hesitate to contact Lorna at or, any of the team at

Joanne Mulligan, Athena SWAN Coordinator

Joanne Mulligan, Athena SWAN Co-ordinator

Joanne Mulligan, Athena SWAN Co-ordinator

With a professional background in international development and global citizenship education, Joanne joins DCU's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion unit after six years experience working in the not-for-profit space in Ireland and internationally. She holds extensive experience in the design, implementation, and evaluation of global justice educational programmes spanning climate action, sustainability, mental health, and equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Joanne is particularly interested in the topic of gender and finding innovative ways of securing equal opportunities for women in the workplace. Joanne likes to bring an intersectional approach to her work, so while working on gender initiatives, she will also tie in other protected characteristics such as age, disability and race where possible.

Joanne will coordinate DCU's Athena SWAN journey to the Silver Award by 2024, and will also provide support to individual Faculties and Schools in attaining Athena SWAN Awards. For any information on Athena SWAN, contact Joanne at