DCU Institutional Quality Review

Links below to  the 2019 Summary Report and Full Report for DCU Institutional Quality Review

DCU Cinnte Review Summary Report- 2019

DCU Cinnte Review Full Report- 2019


The Cinnte review cycle evaluates the effectiveness of institution-wide quality assurance procedures for the purposes of establishing, ascertaining, maintaining and enhancing the quality of the education, training, research and related services that the institution provides.  This review is coordinated by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and underpinned by the relevant sections of the 2012 Act. DCU will be the first university in Ireland to undergo institutional review as part of the Cinnte review Cycle.

Objectives of the Review and Criteria for their Evaluation

At the core of the Cinnte Institutional Review process is  an examination of the effectiveness and implementation of a wide range of QA procedures at DCU.
The overarching objectives of the Cinnte review process are documented in the Terms of Reference (ToR) Link here 

The Review Process

The process for the institutional review mirrors that of DCU’s internal review structures.  The university will prepare an  Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER).  This report, along the university’s Annual Institutional Quality Report (AIQR) and Institutional Profile will be reviewed by an international expert panel.  The panel will visit DCU to verify the contents of the ISER, and meet with a range of university stakeholders.  In early 2019 will receive a review report, including findings and recommendations.  Upon receipt of this report, DCU will develop a response and action plan for the implementation of recommendations.
More information on the process for the Cinnte can be found in the review handbook.  Link here

Institutional Self Evaluation Report (ISER)

A key part of the Cinnte review cycle is self-evaluation and critical reflection on the effectiveness of our quality assurance processes and procedures. DCU will develop an Institutional Self-Evaluation report The purpose of the ISER is to provide the Review Team with sufficient information and evidence to assess the effectiveness of quality assurance at DCU.

Institutional Review Steering Group

The DCU Institutional Review Steering Group is a working group of 27 members reporting to DCU Executive.  The steering group is drawn from across the DCU university community, based on nominees from all Faculties, and representations from relevant university units. The Group shall be active for a 12 month period, contributing to a forum which brings an institution-wide perspective to the self-evaluation process and the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER). Link here

The Review Team

QQI will appoint a Review Team to conduct the DCU institutional review. Review Teams are composed of peer reviewers who are students and senior institutional leaders from comparable institutions as well as external representatives.

The Time-line for the Review

  • Dec 2017: Convening of DCU I-SER Working Group
  • Jan-June, 2018: Self-Assessment Activity
  • July 23rd 2018: Submission of I-SER
  • Sept 4th 2018: Preparatory Visit
  • Oct 22nd-26th 2018: Full Peer Review Visit

The Review Visit

A one-day on-site Planning Visit on the 4th September 2018 will be conducted by the Chairperson and the Coordinating Reviewer.
The Main Review Visit in October 22nd-26th 2018 will be used by the Team to seek evidence to determine the effectiveness of the processes employed by DCU for assuring quality management in keeping with their own mission and strategy and in accordance with National and European requirements.

Publication of Review Report

QQI and DCU will publish the Review Report in early 2019.

The Follow-up Report

One year after the Main Review Visit, DCU will be asked to produce a follow-up report for submission to QQI.

DCU Institutional Quality Review 2010

DCU took part in the Institutional Review of Irish Universities (IRIU) review in 2010.

During this review, the review team concluded that that the University’s activities were compliant with statutory requirements and are broadly consistent with European Standards.  The review team further noted that the university is taking account of national, European and international best practice in relation to quality assurance activities.  The reports of the review team noted a number of areas of commendation and recommendation as part of the review.  The summary and full report of the IRIU review team can be found below:

Link to summary and full report pdfs below

DCU IRIU Summary Report- June 2010

DCU IRIU Full Report- June 2010

Following the publication of the IRIU report, DCU developed an action plan to address the recommendations of the review team.  More information on this plan can be found in the IRIU follow up document below.

Link to IRIU follow up report March 2011