DCU Language & Culture Programme

The DCU Language & Culture Programme offers students of the Futures undergraduate degrees the opportunity to study an additional language, free of charge, and to obtain extra credit and certification for this alongside their specialist degree programme in DCU. Seven languages are offered in the programme at different levels of language competence (Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian & Arabic). Check the level guidance for more information.

Registration for semester 2 opens on Wednesdday the 15th of November 2023

Students of the DCU Futures Degrees can register using an online form, which will be sent to you under request to elena.me.lopez@dcu.ie . Classes start on the 15th of January 2024.

Arabic/Japanese/Russian/Chinese/Spanish coded 3003. This module is designed for post-beginners learners who have a basic knowledge of these languages, and would like to work toward an A2 (CEFR) level of the language. If you have not completed the 3002 module and you have studied these languages in school or other institutions you should contact the relevant language tutor and he/she will advise you whether this is the right course for you.

French, German, Spanish, Japanese & Chinese 3005. This module is designed for students who have studied these languages in secondary school. If you have completed your LC, you can enrol in this module without consultation. You can also contact us before registration and we will be delighted to advise you whether this module is the right one for you.

Arabic, Chinese & Russian 3005. This module is designed to develop your confidence and competence in spoken production and oral interaction in Chinese, Arabic and Russian. This module is ideal for those who practise these languages at home or who use them regularly. 

French, German & Spanish coded 3007 . This module is the second of the intermediate modules B.1.2 level (CEFR). You can enrol in this module if you completed FR/SP/GE 3006.  If you studied these languages elsewhere and would like to know your level, you can contact  Flora (French), Juan Pablo (Spanish) or Emily (German) before registering.

French & Spanish 3009. This module is designed for high intermediate students and advance students of these languages. To enrol in this module you should have completed FR3008/SP3008. You could also enrol in this module if you think you have the level for it by assessing your proficiency level of French and Spanish with Flora (French) or Elena (Spanish). SP3009 is delivered hybrid  (on campus and online).

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