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Science and Health

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 If I study Physics with Astronomy (DC167) can I become a Physics teacher? 

It would be possible to become a physics teacher having completed this degree, but it would require an additional teaching qualification. If however you studied on the Science Education degree programme, you could be a fully qualified physics teacher at the end of the 4 year degree. 

 After my leaving cert I`m interested in Genetics and Cell Biology (DC168), what would be the strong advantages of pursuing this in DCU?

GCB is an excellent degree that gives our students a strong basic understanding of cellular biolgy with an emphasis on genetics, molecular biology, immunology and bioinformatics skills. As with our other degree programs there is a particlar emphasis on hands-on lab skills, not just theory. This includes a work placement for 6 months in semester 3 of third year which gives students an opportunity to experience the application of their knowledge in a real-world working environment.

 I am interested in BSc in Athletic Therapy and Training or Sports Science and Health.  I would like to know specific job prospects in these area? 

Graduates go in all different directions ranging from further study (Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Health Professionals, Physiotherapy, Pyschology) to full time employment. Both courses are very enjoyable with many different subject areas to get experience in. A lot of practical based work too which is importnat when trying to figure out what area you are most interested in . In your year 3 you go on Intra (work placement) which gives you an opportunity to see what a working environment is really like. In your final year year will complete a thesis (large project) in an area that interests you the most. The course page will give you a full breakdwon of all four years of both ATT and SSH

 I am interested in the Sports Science and Health - I didn't do either Physics or Chemistry for my Leaving Cert would it be advisable to do a PLC course in pre-university science?

A lot of students coming to do Sports Sience and Health will only have one Science subject i.e would not have done Chemistry or Physics coming in so it would be manageable it if you attend all the lectures and get familiar with the concepts and terms used in year one. However you do need an OC3 or HD3 in ONE science subject.

 Do Athletic Therapy and Training and Sport Science and Health overlap in any way?

They attend a small number of the same modules (particularly in Year 1) however they are largely separate. You can see the full list of modules (subjects) thought on the ATT and SSH programmes to further compare.

 Can you go on to do a masters in Physiotherapy after the Sports Science and Health (DC202) course? If so how many years is it?

Yes, a lot of people choose to go to the UK to do it for example. In the UK its anythwere from 16-24 months to complete. Having a Sports Science and Heakth degree and a masters in Physiotherapy would be great to have on the CV in securing a top employment opportunity too.

 If I study Physics with Astronamy (DC167) can I become a Phsycis teacher in secondary school?

It would be possible to become a physics teacher having completed this degree, but it would require an additional teaching qualification. If however you studied on the Science Education(DC203) degree programme, you could be a fully qualified Physics teacher at the end of the 4 year degree. 

  If I study Common Entry into Science (DC201) am I guaranteed to get into whatever science programme I want in second year?

All students who successfully complete first year will be offered a place on the second year of one of the eight science programmes listed below:

Analytical Science (DC161) (
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (DC162) (
Environmental Science and Technology (DC166) (
Physics with Astronomy (DC167) (
Applied Physics (DC171) (
Physics with Biomedical Sciences (DC173) (
Biotechnology (DC181) (
Genetics and Cell Biology (DC168) (

See full details on the course page