Following receipt of results for either examinations or written assignments, you may believe that you have grounds to appeal the result. There are specified grounds only on which an appeal may be based. Please check the R31 form for these grounds at the following link:


The website also provides detailed information on the appeals procedure and the rules and regulations attached to this procedure. Appeals must be lodged within 10 days of publication of online examination results. Please note you may only appeal the final results. Provisional results cannot be appealed until they are finalised by the Programme Board unless the lack of an opportunity to appeal prevents a student from making a decision whether or not to repeat an examination at the next sitting.  There is an administrative fee of €100 to lodge an appeal. If your appeal is successful this will be refunded.  The form can be obtained from the web at the following link:

Appeals Form

Office of Vice-President Academic Affairs/Registrar (OVPAA) can deal with any queries you may have in relation to examination appeals or disciplinary appeals.

T: +353 1 700 5938


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