Deferral of the Year

Deferral of the Academic Year

For a variety of unexpected reasons, you may find yourself in a position that you are unable to carry out your studies in any given academic year and may wish to defer the year and re-commence the following September. You may choose this option only when you have not participated in modules for that year. In order to defer an academic year, you need to complete the form R32 or R32R for PG Research Students which can be downloaded from the Registry website or is available from the Student Advice Centre in the Henry Grattan building (Glasnevin Campus).

All sections must be completed and submitted to the Registry by the relevant date on the form and in the academic calendar (usually towards the end of October).  

Academic guidance should be sought in the first instance, from your Programme Chairperson, to ensure that a Deferral of Academic Year is the best option for you. The form must be approved and signed by your Programme Chairperson.

There may be financial implications, therefore you should contact the Fees Office to discuss, in advance of submitting the deferral form.  Fees Office contact details:  

The form must be signed by the Programme Chairperson and returned to Registry Information Services (Glasnevin and St Patrick's Campus). The form can be found here under ‘Request a Change to Registration:

Further registration information and dates can be found on the following webpage: 

Registry Information Services (Glasnevin and St Patrick’s Campus)

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E: Registry Online Query Form

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