Finance at University

Finance at University

Finance at University can be an expensive time in life as you will not be working full-time and will have to rely on other means to survive. Many students will receive some or all of their income through their parents/guardians however, in cases where there is a shortfall in your income; there are a variety of ways of bridging that gap. A part-time job is the first option for most students however; some students may also be eligible for a SUSI grant or financial assistance. Student Support & Development administers financial assistance for students who find themselves suddenly unable to cope financially.

Detailed information on possible ways to bridge the financial gap such as SUSI Grant, Student Assistance Fund, 1916 Bursary, Financial Survival at University, Fee waivers on medical grounds and reduced fees for First Year transfer students is on the following link 

Student Financial Assistance Service


Financial Survival at University 2023/2024 is detailed with the below information on the following link:

Financial Survival at University

  • Budgeting - The Easy Way to Start
  • Cost of attending university living away from home or living at home
  • Sample monthly costs for both of above
  • Template to complete your OWN BUDGET
  • Possible ways to bridge the financial gap

A financial assistance service is available to students who would like advice and guidance on budgeting throughout the year and who need to look at options for finance available to them.  For further information, contact our Financial Administrator, Celine Geraghty on the below contact details:

T: +353 1 700 6055



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