Internships & Work Placements

Internships & Work Placements

The INTRA Unit is responsible for organising work placements, which are a mandatory feature of many degree programmes. Work placements range from 2 to 12 months in duration, depending on the degree in question. There is no need for you to do anything about this yet unless you have a very specific query because the INTRA Team will be in touch with you at the relevant time to start the process.  If you do have a specific query, please contact us at

Work Placement Advice for Parents and Guardians

The INTRA office would like to ensure that parents and guardians fully understand the INTRA work placement programme. We hope you can appreciate that our relationship is with the student and we cannot communicate with third parties including parents and guardians without the student’s consent. We wish our students the very best of luck as they prepare to go on INTRA placement. 

Please take a read of our INTRA Guide for Parents and Guardians [pdf] or have a listen to our INTRA Podcast episode which is featured on the DCU Careers podcast series. The podcast hosts a discussion on the INTRA process and gives advice to parents and guardians on how they can provide the best support at such an important time.

*We have addressed this guide to ‘parents or guardians’ but the information may be of interest to partners/friends or anyone who may be in a position to provide support to the student during the INTRA process. Please pass it on to them!

DCU Placement

INTRA Team CG 101

T 01 700 5422/5176



St Patrick’s Campus

Professional School Placement Office - Bachelor of Education (Primary Teaching) (BEd)

BEd students undertake the School Placement examination in each year of the course. Information in relation to School Placement in Year 1 (SP1) will be given to students early in Semester 1.  Students in Year 1 undertake School Placement in a school of their choice anywhere in the country (26 counties).  Students may select a placement in any class from Junior Infants to Second Class or in a combination of classes in this range ie a multigrade setting.  SP1 takes place in Semester 2 and comprises a series of Fridays and a period of time in June.  Further details will be available to students early in Semester 1.

School Placement Administration Office, F302

T 01 884 2215/2139


Professional Placement Office- Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (BECE)

Professional Placement for First-Year BECE students takes place in the Second Semester. Information in relation to placement will be given to students during the First Semester.