hoskier conference
Hoskier conference

Call for Papers: Herman Hoskier and the Future of Textual Scholarship on the Bible

Call for Papers

Herman Hoskier and the Future of Textual Scholarship on the Bible

28-30 August 2017

Dublin City University

School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music

Herman Charles Hoskier (1864-1938) was a textual scholar of the New Testament whose work remains influential in the field today. As part of the Irish Research Council’s Decade of Centenaries, this conference explores the present state and future prospects of textual scholarship on the Bible in the digital age, using Hoskier’s work as a starting point for the discussion. Short papers are invited that address the following topics: the intellectual context of twentieth century textual scholarship, manuscript collections in Ireland, the future of the critical edition, the digital humanities and the Bible, Hoskier’s text critical work and current developments in the field, the versions in textual scholarship, the Editio Critica Maior, manuscripts as objects and material culture, trends and prospects in textual criticism, text critical method, the future of textual scholarship, early printed editions, studies on manuscripts, and related topics.

Abstracts of 250 words will be accepted until 15 April 2017 (send to Dr. Garrick Allen, garrick.allen@dcu.ie). For more information on this event see the project blog (www.hchoskier.blogspot.ie) and follow Hoskier on Twitter (@HCHoskier). Registration will open 15 February 2017 and close 30 June 2017. The early bird cost is €60 (until 1 May 2017, thereafter €90). This project is funded by the Irish Research Council. 


Keynote Speakers include:

·      David Parker (University of Birmingham)

·      Stanley Porter (McMaster Divinity College)

·      Jennifer Knust (Boston University)

·      J. K. Elliott (University of Leeds)

·      Martin Karrer (KiHo Wuppertal)

·      Juan Hernández Jr. (Bethel University)

·      Claire Clivaz (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)

·      Thomas J. Kraus (Universität Zurich)

·      Tommy Wasserman (Ansgar Teologiske Høgskole)

·      Christina Kreinecker (Universität Salzburg)

·      Klaus Wachtel (INTF Münster)

·      Catherine Smith (University of Birmingham)

·      Hugh Houghton (University of Birmingham)

·      Martin Wallraff (LMU München)

·      Jan Krans (VU Amsterdam)

·      Annette Hüffmeier (INTF Münster)

·      Jill Unkel (Chester Beatty Library)

·      Dirk Jongkind (University of Cambridge)