30th International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference (IVBEC) 2023

30th International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference (IVBEC) 2023
Thursday, 26th October - Saturday, 28th October 2023
Venue (in-person): Dublin City University, Ireland

Dublin City University (DCU) is delighted to host the 30th International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference (IVBEC) from Thursday 26th October to Saturday 28th October 2023. The conference is organised by the School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music in conjunction with the Institute of Ethics and DCU Business School. The IVBEC welcomes leading academics, business professionals, and young scholars’ examination of and reflection on current ethical issues affecting businesses, as well as economic, political, and social life.
The theme of the 30th IVBEC 2023 conference is New Frontiers in Business Ethics.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Schwab 2016) is constantly reshaping our way of living, working, interacting in social and digital contexts, and it is impacting on healthcare, education, business, etc. New innovations bring along new ethical challenges and questions, relating to the purpose and use of these new technologies, their contribution to human flourishing and the good of society, and their availability to people globally. These ethical challenges must be systematically addressed, not only in everyday practice, but also in academic debate. In light of technological changes in the post-COVID-19 context, business ethics, as a discipline, is witnessing a renewal on a wide range of topic areas: What are the new relevant questions that business ethics needs to address? In the aftermath of various crises, how should business ethics critically respond and richly contribute to this pivotal moment in the history of humanity?  Looking to the future, how can business ethics scholarship keep pace with continuous transformation?
Through plenary and parallel sessions, this conference will provide a platform for reflective thinking, constructive dialogue, and for sharing of insights in order to address the proliferation of ethical questions and challenges in a rapidly changing world. The conference will provide an opportunity to bring together scholars and practitioners from around the world to take time to reflect on and debate various issues from a business ethics perspective. The language for the conference will be English.

Call for Abstracts for Parallel Sessions

Those wishing to present a paper at one of the parallel sessions should submit an abstract proposal of 500 words max (not including references, title of paper and author(s) contact details) by Saturday, 15th April 2023.

We welcome abstract proposals from academics, business professionals and young scholars that relate to the conference theme of ‘New Frontiers in Business Ethics’. Abstract proposals addressing some of the following themes in relation to ‘New Frontiers in Business Ethics’ are encouraged:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business & Society
  • Digital Technologies (Social Media, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, etc)
  • Environment & Climate
  • Ethics Education
  • Ethical Theories
  • Governance & Regulation
  • Leadership
  • Multi-Cultural Perspectives
  • Philosophical/Theological Perspectives & Responses

We also welcome abstract proposals on broader business ethics topics. Authors must abide by the “rule of two”. More information on the submission process for abstracts will be available at www.ivbec.weebly.com

Full Papers for Patrick Primeaux Award (Optional)

Continuing the custom of the IVBEC, the Patrick Primeaux Award will be presented for the best paper submitted and will be announced during the conference. In order to be considered for this award, FULL papers – 3,500 words maximum (not including references, title of paper and author(s) contact details) – must be submitted by Monday, 14th August 2023.

More information on the submission process for the Patrick Primeaux Award will be available at www.ivbec.weebly.com

Key Dates

Abstract Proposals Due: Saturday, 15th April 2023
Decision Date:  End of May 2023
Submission of Full Papers for Patrick Primeaux Best Paper Award: Monday, 14th August 2023
Registration Deadline:  Monday, 28th August 2023 (more details to follow)
Conference Dates:  Thursday, 26th October to Saturday, 28th October 2023

Contact Details

For more information and updates on the conference, please visit:
W: www.ivbec.weebly.com
E: ivbec@dcu.ie