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Academic biography

Dr Amanda Dillon’s research specialisation is Biblical Reception History with a particular focus on the New Testament and Visual Culture. Amanda is currently leading an IRC-funded research project, NISAR, looking at women readers of scriptures and their visual expressions of their interpretations of sacred texts. Her research interests include: Biblical Reception, Visual Exegesis, Multimodal Analysis, Hermeneutics, Theology and the Visual Arts. Female characters in the New Testament and their afterlives are another significant dimension of her current research and teaching. Amanda's first monograph, Drawn to the Word: The Bible and Graphic Design was published by the Society of Biblical Literature Press (Atlanta, GA) in 2021.
She has published on the reception of the Bible in: 21st century lectionaries; contemporary Graphic Design; the art of Marc Chagall; Manga Bibles; Urban and Street Art.

Research interests

Amanda’s research is centred around the reception of the Bible and other sacred texts in the contemporary period. Women readers of Scriptures and their reception of these texts, most especially as these interpretations are expressed visually in art and design and other artefacts of material culture, are the focus of her research.

The Bible in contemporary art and design, as well as female characters in the Bible and their afterlives are another dimension of her research and teaching.