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School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music
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Patricia Flynn
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01 700
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AHC S214

Academic biography

Dr Patricia Flynn is Associate Professor of Music and External Engagement Convenor in the School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music

A member of the Faculty of Humanities, Dr Flynn is a graduate of U.C.D and The University of Huddersfield where she gained her PhD. Her interest in the development of music in Ireland is reflected in her research and teaching. She leads courses in European Music in the long 18th Century and Irish Art Music in the BA and BEd programmes. She also leads  Music Human Engagement and Culture which draws on perspectives from philosophy, psychology and sociology at undergraduate level and Music Aesthetics and Criticism at post graduate level. She was Principal Investigator of the Irish Composers Project in partnership with DKIT, NUIM, the Contemporary Music Centre(CMC) and An Foras Feasa which sought to digitise the considerable archives of scores recordings and other media held by the Contemporary Music Centre and make these available in ways useful to music research. She is now the domain expert with CMC, DRI and InsightNUIG on a project to create a digital discovery platform for contemporary music. She is the editor of Teaching the Unteachable Proceedings of the Symposium on Composing in Higher Education held by the Council of Heads of Music in Higher Education (CHMIE). Her research also engages with music development in wider society, in performance education and  in areas of national cultural importance. She was the lead investigator and Director of the project Knowing the Score: the Contribution of Local Authorities to Music Development in Ireland and is currently the principal investigator of a research partnership with Music Generation: Developing Diversities in Performance Music Education. She is the author of Art Alongside: sustainable and authentic arts practice in Co Wexford and joint author of The Right Note a music programme for first and second class. She is Chair of the Borad of Directors of the Contemporary Music Centre, is the founder of the Music Educators’ Orchestra (MEO) and chair and founding member of the Northside based arts programming organisation GlasDrum. www.glasdrum.ie

Research interests


Principle Investigator: Music Generation: investigating the transformative potential of a national performance music education service based on principles of diverstiy


Principle Investigator: The Irish Composers Project:Enabling Future Research. Collaborative project within An Foras Feasa in partnership with the music departments of SPD, DKIT, NUIM and the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland's National Archive of New Music. Outcomes to date include the digitisation of c.3500 scores and realted materials, digitally accessible at http://www.cmc.ie/digitalarchive/index.cfm Seminar on special collection on the Irish Composer Frederick May (1911-1985). Conference papers and published proceedings

Director: Knowing the Score: The Contribution of Local Authorities to Music Development in Ireland