Undergraduate Degree Programs

If you have a natural curiosity about how living things function, then biological sciences will appeal to you. You will learn about how life works, at the molecular level, the cellular level and at the level of the organism. From determining the molecular causes of medical conditions or producing effective treatments, to the development of environmental technologies for wastewater treatment, or optimising brewing processes, biological scientists have a key role to play in all areas of society.

The School of Biotechnology currently offers three focused programmes in distinct areas of biological sciences. For more information on any of the degree programmes on offer click the relevant tile below. 


New to 2021 is our Biological Science General Entry Programme.  Within this option, you will have the opportunity to determine which areas of biological sciences appeal most to you as you develop your scientific skills in year one, before choosing your preferred degree option; BSc in Biotechnology, BSc in Genetics and Cell Biology or BSc in Bioprocessing, at the end of the year.

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In addition to the School offering three distinct biology-orientated degree programmes and a general entry route, the School also contributes significantly to other multi-disciplinary degree programmes on offer within the Faculty of Science and Health. More information on these programmes can be found below.  


The INTRA programme is an accredited and highly valued part of student learning at DCU. It provides an opportunity for employers to benefit from our student’s comprehensive training in areas of Genetics and Cell Biology, Biotechnology, and Bioprocessing. Our hard working and enthusiastic third year students within the School of Biotechnology, having spent their early years learning theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical laboratory skills, are now eager to experience the real world of work and to further develop their scientific careers and transferable skills within an established employment setting.