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Amy Shuman

US top consultant talks talent nurturing in family business

A leading US expert in human resources management, Amy Schuman, encourages family businesses to consider HR as a strategic partner. Speaking to family businesses at a CFB workshop this week, Schuman relayed the importance of HR in not only helping next generation seek employment opportunities, but also ensuring a fair and effective employment experience for all. 

"The right HR person will help you handle both family amd business talent", said Schuman, a lead consultant at the Chicago based Family Business Consulting Group.

Schuman encouraged participants to reflect on their own business' culture and values and how these impact HR practices. "Do you have a culture of performance or a culture of entitlement?".

Catherine O’ Flynn from William Fry advised attendees on employment matters, including the Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016. 

The next event will be Women in Family Business & Leadership on Thursday 27th October. Please register here

Event slides for Amy Schuman's event can be found here. Photos of the event can be found here

29th September, 2016