Professor Colm O'Gorman

Prof Colm O'Gorman is Professor of Entrepreneurship at DCU Business School. He is a full staff member and founder of the National Centre for Family Business.

Professional activities and research: Colm's research interests include entrepreneurship in Ireland, internationalisation processes, growth determinants and strategic transformations of Irish SMEs, and open innovation. A leading international scholar of entrepreneurship, his research has been published in top tier journals including International Marketing Review, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, Organizational Dynamics and Venture Capital. Colm is co-author of the annual Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) for the Irish market, has co-authored the textbook on entrepreneurship for Irish students ‘Enterprise in Action’, and is an award-winning case study author on entrepreneurship for European Case Clearing House. 

Watch this short video where Colm talks about how his research into family business is driven by a need to investigate how CEOs in successful SMEs develop strategy and adopt new managerial practices and processes when they are scaling and internationalising.