Female Leadership in Family Business

"Few studies have been undertaken to identify the gender related barriers and opportunities to succession and top leadership for women in Irish family businesses" according to recent research conducted by the National Centre for Family Business at DCU. 

Researcher Martina Brophy who has worked at the National Centre for Family Business since its inception, set about changing the landscape of gender research in the field of family business nearly three years ago. 

Over a 48-month period Brophy conducted an in-depth study on the experiences of female leaders who worked in their family-run business. The resulting practitioner report outlines the key challenges facing women today in Irish family business settings and the ways in which businesses can promote equal opportunities for next generation members and foster female talent.  

The research sparked interest in the broader DCU Community who welcomed the positive findings and constructive best practice recommendations, as well as several media mentions - for example, Greater Flexibility for Female Leaders in Irish Family Businesses in Women Mean Business. 

The practitioner report is available freely for members of the public to download and share.