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Awards with a difference

Deloitte Ireland, a dedicated supporter 
of the DCU Centre for Family Business, is running an award with a difference.

What is a Deloitte Best Managed Companies Award?
The Deloitte Best Managed Companies Award recognises excellence in Irish and Northern Irish owned and managed companies 
and is a symbol of organisational success and achievement. The awards programme recognises companies each year across 
the island of Ireland that demonstrate superior business performance. Winning companies can requalify for a further two years 
and then have the opportunity to apply for the Gold Standard Award in the fourth year. Winners that maintain Best Managed 
status for seven consecutive years are awarded Platinum membership.
Who can apply?
Companies wishing to enter the programme must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:
• Companies must be Irish/Northern Irish, substantially privately owned, managed and controlled 
(incorporated in either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland)
• Have a turnover in excess of €5 million (£4 million)
• Must be established for at least five years
• Demonstrate superior financial performance over the past three years (in relation to their peers)

Is there a programme application fee?
There is no cost to participate in the programme.
What does the application process involve?
To be considered for a Deloitte Best Managed Companies Award, companies go through a two-phase application process.

Phase I – online application
Companies are required to complete a short application form online. 
To do so, simply log on to and create a user account. 
Then fill in the phase I form and submit it by Friday, 8 August, 2014. Companies will be notified shortly thereafter 
if they have been shortlisted for phase II.

Phase II – the coaching process and associated benefits
Companies shortlisted for phase II of the application process are asked to complete a second, more detailed submission 
and are assessed under the following criteria:
• Strategy • Commitment
• Capability • Financials
During phase II, companies will be asked to prepare a draft submission in which they must demonstrate how the organisation 
is meeting and mastering its growth strategy. This phase commences in early September at which point companies will be 
assigned a coach from Deloitte and Barclays who will provide advice and customised feedback on submissions.
Not only will the coaching process enable companies to produce the best possible submission, but it is also an opportunity to 
review and evaluate business strategies and can ultimately assist with the future development path for the organisation. 
Even if your company is not among the final winners, companies are guaranteed to benefit from the business expertise 
gained during the coaching process.
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29th July, 2014