MSc in Computing (with Major Options)

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Course Information

Course Code: DC836
NFQ Level: 9

FT-1 Year, PT-2 Years 

(Please Note:  Part time lectures are scheduled between 4-7pm two evenings a week)

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Computing is the future of technology and innovation, offering limitless possibilities for advancing various industries and improving everyday life. In today's digital age, the demand for skilled computing professionals is greater than ever, making a master's degree in computing a valuable asset for anyone looking to pursue a rewarding career in this dynamic field. The MSc in Computing offers a variety of Majors aimed at providing graduates with the latest skills necessary to create high-quality software and systems that address business and economic needs. 

The program's emphasis on practical application is reflected in the project practicum, typically undertaken during the summer months. Students usually work on developing a prototype software system within their Major area to solve real-world problems or may opt for analysing processes, proposing alternatives, and evaluating them. While most projects are individual endeavours, there are opportunities for team collaboration, as well as potential sponsorship from external clients or pursuing self-generated ideas. Typically, projects begin with a feasibility study followed by creating a project plan and then either developing a software application or conducting rigorous theoretical analysis.

Course Structure

Major 1 - Natural Language Processing (This Major is available Full Time Only)

Natural Language Processing combines computer science, linguistics and artificial intelligence. The aim of NLP is to develop computer programs with the ability to understand and produce text, as demonstrated in recent chatbots like ChatGPT, LaMDA, and BARD. NLP has the potential to transform the way we interact with machines and each other by making our lives more efficient. Large language models at the heart of systems such as ChatGPT are even beginning to be used for general AI system development.

NLP specialists are in high demand because they are needed to develop technologies such as text classifiers, chatbots, virtual assistants¸  and language translation systems across various industries including e-commerce, healthcare¸ and finance. Due to increasing data generation, understanding human language has become crucial for businesses making informed decisions. The MSc in Computing is Ireland's first Natural Language Processing master’s degree, developed by world-leading academics working in NLP and is taught by a team of experts from a diverse range of computer science backgrounds including natural language processing, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Major 2 - Data Analytics (This Major is available both Full Time and Part Time)

This exciting new Major, delivered in conjunction with leading industry players, builds on the School of Computing's expertise and its involvement with Insight, Science Foundation Ireland's Centre for Data Analytics and ADAPT, the centre for new Human Centric AI techniques. Technologies such as the internet, sensor nets, social media and cloud computing are generating vast amounts of data. To say we are drowning in information is an understatement. Yet in this vast amount of raw data, there are gems of knowledge that can be used to improve processes and generate value. This Major provides students with a deep understanding of the issues, techniques and tools to examine large amounts of raw data in order to extract meaningful conclusions from the information these contain.

Major 3 - Artificial Intelligence (This Major is available Full Time Only)

There is a strong demand for graduates with the highly specialised multi-disciplinary skills that are required in AI, both as practitioners in the development of AI applications and as researchers into the advanced capabilities required for the creation of next-generation AI systems.  This Major is designed to meet this educational need, by providing a balanced programme of instruction across a range of relevant areas.

Major 4 - Secure Software Engineering (This Major is available both Full Time and Part Time)

In this modern age of increased data usage and ubiquitous computing the security of software is more important than ever. This updated and revised MSc. Major in Secure Software Engineering builds a firm base of advanced software engineering skills and emphasises security from start to finish. It will be appropriate for all those tasked with building and researching secure software systems.

Major 5 - FinTech & Technology Innovation (This Major is available Part Time only)

The innovation enhanced by the emergence of Financial Technologies (FinTech) holds the prospect of a shift of power over everyday financial transactions away from those who have hitherto held it (in large Financial Organizations) and towards the general population, leading to a potential ‘democratisation’ of finance in areas such as Aggregation, Micro Investing and Crowd-funding. Other key application areas of FinTech Innovation have been towards empowering companies in the Financial Services sector, predominantly in Payment Services and Regulatory Compliance by simplifying and automating their processes.

In this major we draw a distinction between those who actually develop the products which have the potential to empower and those who would use them in a business context. It has been developed to deliver the requisite FinTech background knowledge in key underpinning areas such as Data Governance and Financial Time Series as well as technologies necessary in developing Innovative FinTech technologies e.g. AI and Blockchain.

Modules for Major Options