Disability & Learning Support Service - Spelling & Grammar Waiver

Dyslexia Guidelines for Exams  ( Waiver) 

To avail of the dyslexia guidelines in the University’s  examinations a student with a specific learning difficulty must complete the following process:

  1. Provide an up-to-date Educational Psychological Assessment – no older than five years
  2. Register with the Disability Service
  3. Complete an educational needs assessment with the Disability Service.
  4. Confirm the presence of a significant spelling difficulty ( <16th Percentile)

Where a student completes the steps above the marker will be notified in exams of difficulties in spelling, writing, and grammatical construction.

For assignments, the Dyslexia Guidelines do not apply. Instead, students who satisfy the above criteria are provided with software to assist them with their assignments.

Students should note that the provision of notification to the marker of difficulties in spelling, writing, and grammatical construction does not apply to Modules or Programmes where specific core competencies in assessment of language skills include spelling & grammar (e.g. Business with French, Journalism. B.Ed Irish, English etc.).

For students studying Gaeilge on DCU teaching programmes further information is available HERE