Service Dogs

Recognised under Irish Law, a Service Dog/Animal is defined as a highly trained dog that has been specifically trained to assist a person with a disability.


For an animal to be recognised as a Service Dog it must be fully trained and registered with one of the following or an international equivalent:

  • Irish Guide Dogs For The Blind
  • Dogs For The Disabled (Cork)
  • Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland
  • My Canine Companion
  • Canine Partners (UK)
  • Dog A.I.D. (UK)
  • Guide Dogs UK
  • Hearing Dogs For Deaf People (UK)
  • Medical Detection Dogs (UK)
  • Support Dogs (UK)
  • International Guide Dog Federation

Students must inform the Disability & Learning Support Service of their intention to attend college with their Service Dog/Animal and have it noted upon signing up to the Disability and Learning Support Service.


Campus Accommodation:

If a student requires their Service Dog/Animal to reside with them in Campus Accommodation, they must contact with as much advance notice as possible to discuss their options.


Emotional Support Dogs/Animals

Such dogs are not currently recognised under Irish Law, and as a result, are not allowed on University Campuses.