How information on students’ registered with the DLSS is disseminated

How will I know if a student on my programme is registered with the DLSS?

Upon registering with the DLSS, students consent to their information being made available to the relevant academics on their programme. In only a small number of cases, students do not give consent.

This information is available to Programme Chairs and ALL teaching staff connected to the student's modules.

Previously this information was available through Classlists on IRIS, but since October 2020 this information is now accessible through GURU to all Programme Chairs, Module co-ordinators and Teaching Staff.

This information is automatically updated every 24 hours, as we register students throughout the academic year please review on a regular basis as new students may be added.

The information provided:

  • Student Name
  • Student ID 
  • Programme of Study/Year
  • Nature of the Student’s disability/Specific Learning Difficulty
  • Exam Accommodations


Detailed instructions on how to access this information will follow shortly.