Current Research Students



 Research Title

Kelly Adamson

     Juliana Adelman

Public Health Policy in 1940s Ireland

Hayley Brabazon

     Leeann Lane 

Gender, Legacy, and Memory: the post-revolutionary lives of Irish women

James Akpu

     Daithí Ó Corráin

Irish Missionary Enterprise in Nigeria

Cathal Burke-O'Leary

     Marnie Hay

Post-independence State-Building in Ireland and India

Noel Carolan

     Daithí Ó Corráin

The Politics of Ireland's Food Supply in Peace and War, 1895-1923

Ann Marie Durkan

     Ruth McManus /Juliana   Adelman

Understanding the roles of horses, cows and pigs in Dublin's changing urban landscape in the 20th century

Kevin Finnan

     William Murphy

Doctors in Revolutionary Ireland

Erika Fox

     Darren Clarke /Trish Morgan

Climate change after COVID-19: Challenges and opportunities to transform the Irish transport sector

Michael Grant

     James Kelly

Economics, Politics and Society in Carlow, 1800-1850

John Hogan

     Daithí Ó Corráin

The Origins and Development of the Legion of Mary

Michael Loughman

     Daithí Ó Corráin

Doctor, Republican, Statesman: James Ryan and the development of the independent Irish state, 1892-1965

Sharon McArdle

     Leeann Lane /Eugene McNulty

Dorothy McArdle - a study by creative performance practice

Joseph Rodgers

     Daithí Ó Corráin

The life of a principal street: A commercial and social history of
O’Connell Street: 1782 – 1930.

Clair McDonald

     Jonathan Cherry

Mapping colonial experience on the Cosby and Walsh landed estates

Isha Thakur

     Susan Hegarty/Jimmy O’Keeffe

Brahmaputra Basin: Accords, Discords and Ambitions.

Unravelling Implications for Sustainable Development in the Transboundary Basin Region

Kristina Zmejauskaite

     Maria Falina

Contested Public Space: Building National Identities in post-Soviet Baltic States

Amanda Morse Jonathan Cherry/William Murphy Patterns of Criminality and Incarceration Among Women in Ireland 1877-1901
Cormac Keenan Marnie Hay An examination of the post-revolutionary lives of the dependents of the Irish Revolution, 1923-80
David A. Chikwaza Darren Clarke/Jimmy O’Keeffe Decolonising Climate Adaptation: Exploring Indigenous knowledge Systems as a viable complementary approach to understanding climate change adaptation in Gokwe district of Zimbabwe
Pat O'Brien Daithí Ó Corráin TBC