Maurice Healy visits DCU Business School

Maurice Healy, Chairman of the Healy Group, delivered a highly engaging talk to the students undertaking the New Enterprise Development (NED) module on February 8th. NED is a multi-award-winning yearlong entrepreneurship module undertaken by our final-year students. 

Maurice modestly discussed his career, detailing the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey. His professional career first began in 1971 when he started working for a haulage company. He then worked in the chemical industry gaining valuable knowledge for his future career. 

In 1985, he founded Healy Group - a distribution company of quality food ingredients and chemicals. The group has experienced large growth since then and now has a turnover of over €100 million a year. 


Maurice Healy guest speaker at DCU

Maurice Healy speaking at DCU

Maurice humbly described the Healy group as a “mini conglomerate, with a small m”. 

Maurice has expanded the Healy Group through partnerships with other companies. 

The primary one is Camida, a Clonmel-based pharmaceutical manufacturer of which Maurice has been chairman since 1996. He described Camida as the “jewel in the crown” of the Healy Group.

The Healy Group is a family-run business that prioritises the needs of its partners at all times and runs on the principles of trust and quality. Four next-generation members of the Healy family are actively involved in the business. Maurice proudly discussed how the Healy Group is a family-run firm and how he is excited for the next generation to take over.

The students were impressed with Maurice’s enthusiasm for his business as well as his passion for social entrepreneurship. Further demonstrating the social contributions of the company, "20% of the group's pre-tax profits are given to social causes". Maurice will return to DCU in April 2024 as a judge at the Dragons' Den.