The National Centre for Family Business (NCFB) is a leading national family business research centre. By translating excellence in research to best practice insights, we empower family businesses to embrace contemporary challenges and achieve continuity across generations.


Research Excellence

The centre has a track record of publishing high-impact research. This is evidenced through our success in publishing in Financial Times' Top 50 Journals and ABS 4* peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Journal of Management Studies; Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Family Business Review). Members of the research team also serve on editorial boards of prestigious journals in the management field, including Family Business Review and Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice. Our work has been profiled through major media outlets, including BBC, RTÉ, The Irish Times, and NewsTalk. Read about our recent groundbreaking work on transgenerational learning in the latest DCU Research Office Spotlight Issue


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Informing Policy

The centre regularly informs regional, national and international policy development in the context of family business performance. For example, at international level, the NCFB produced a report detailing the contributions of family business to Ireland (Irish Family Business by Numbers 2020), launched by European Commissioner. The centre has produced a series of family business-friendly practitioner reports, commissioned by the National Office of Statistics (CSO), The Institute of Family Business (IFB), and the Northern Ireland Family Business Forum (NIFBF), amongst others. 


Research Themes

The centre produces cutting-edge research from which best-practice solutions to sustain entrepreneurial families across generations are derived and disseminated. Our research publications accommodate several interconnected themes on the topic of family business entrepreneurship. At times these themes are either distinct, overlap or merge into macro research themes and include:

  1. Transgenerational Learning - Exploring the transmission of entrepreneurial behaviours and learning across family business generations
  2. Entrepreneurship and Family Business - Advancing our understanding of entrepreneurial drive, innovation, finance and growth in family businesses 
  3. Gender and Family Business - Unravelling the role that gender plays in family technological innovation, leadership performance and succession
  4. Resilience and Family Business - Investigating what makes family businesses more successful at embracing change and uncertainty, than their competitors