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School of Physical Sciences

Events & Seminars

Upcoming events will be listed on this page.


Seminars normally take place in room N115 at 16:00 on the times/dates listed. Last updated November 2nd 2017.

All Welcome.

Seminar Series run by: Dr. Lampros Nikolopoulos (

A list of previous seminars can be seen here.

Marconi Building/Physics Building - Room N115

DateVenueSpeakerTitle/Research Area/SubjectAbstract
Thursday 8th December 2017 13:00 X130Chris Watson, QUB Exoplanets 
  Thursday 30th November 2017 13:00 HG19 Nursing BuildingDr. Nicholas Devaney, Dept. of Physics, NUI, Galway Applied Optics & Imaging 
 Thursday 22nd November 2017 13:00 X130Peter Gallagher, TCD [CfAR Seminar] iLOFAR – Up & Running  
Thursday 9th November 2017 13:00  HG19 Nursing BuildingProf. Dermot Brabazon, DCU School of Mechanical and Manufacturing EngineeringPlasma processing/new materials  
Wednesday 8th November 2017 13:00  X130  Asaf Pe’er, UCC [CfAR Seminar] Thermal emission in Gamma-ray bursts 

Thursday 25th October 2017 13:00

XG19 Jose Groh, TCD [CfAR Seminar]The Surprising look of Massive Stars Before Death 
Thursday 19th October 2017 13:00 HG19 Nursing Building
Ms. Lisa Cusack
DCU Applied Physics graduate 2008
 Aer Lingus Pilot 
Thursday 5th October 2017 13:00  HG17 Nursing BuildingProf. John Costello, School of Physical Sciences, DCU
Ultrafast laser-matter interactions
and Laser Plasmas
 Thursday 11th October 2017 13:00 XG19Alberto Sesana, Birmingham [CfARSeminar]  Supermassive black hole binary dynamics and GW detection 
Thursday 27th September 2017 13:00 XG19  Ko Sanders, DCU [CfAR Seminar]Black hole radiation and other hot stuff 
 Thursday 25th May     2017 13:00 Marconi Building N115Dr Silvia Armini, IMEC, BelgiumApplications of Smart Organic Films in IC Microelectronics: From Novel Low-k Dielectrics to Organic-Inorganic Interface Engineering  Abstract (PDF)  
 Thursday 11th May     2017 13:00 Marconi Building N115Dr Robert O'Connor, DCU, IE Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting for Hydrogen Fuel  Abstract (PDF)   
 Thursday 13th April      2017 13:00 Marconi Building N115 Dr. Matt Kenworthy, Leiden University, Netherlands Looking for circumplanetary material around a giant exoplanet with bRing - The beta Pictoris b Ring project 
 Thursday 30th March    2017 13:00 Marconi Building N115 Prof. David L. Andrews, Professor of Chemical Physics at the University of East Anglia, UK.Novel photonic mechanisms for optical manipulation, switching, and light-harvesting in nanostructured molecular systems   Abstract (PDF)
Thursday 16th March     2017 13:00  Marconi Building N115Dr. Ernst de Mooij, School of Physical Sciences, DCU, IE Characterising Alien Worlds: studying the atmospheres of exoplanets  
Thursday 2nd March      2017 13:00  Marconi Building N115 Prof. Soumitra SenGupta, Dept. Theoretical Physics, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (Co-organized with Maths Dept)In the wonderland of extra dimensions  
  Thursday 16th February 2017 13:00Marconi Building N115Dr Brendan Kelly, Athlone Institute of Technology.Noctilucent Clouds: Ice in the upper atmosphere   Abstract (PDF) 
 Thursday 2nd February 2017 13:00 Marconi Building N115 Prof Chris Bean, DIAS, Dublin, IrelandThe Ocean-Solid Earth System: Monitoring the World's Oceans and Solid Earth Though Ocean-Generated Terrestrial Ground Vibrations  Abstract (PDF) 
Thursday 1st December 2016 13:00Marconi Building N115 Dr Emanuelle Pellucchi. Tyndal National Institute, University College Cork, IE.
Quantum technologies at the Tyndall National Institute: entangled pho-
ton emission form site-controlled quantum dots.
 Abstract (PDF)
Thursday 24th November 2016 13:00Marconi Building N115Dr Lino Pereira, KU Leuven Belgium  Doping and local probing of 2D and 3D Dirac materials  Abstract (PDF)
Thursday 22nd November 2016 12:00Marconi Building N115Dr Thomas Prokscha, Paul Schrerr Institute, Switzerland, The low-energy muon facility at PSI and muon applications: thin film, interfaces and photo-induced studies  Abstract (PDF)
Thursday 3rd November 2016 13:30Marconi Building N115Dr Wolfi Helml  (Physics Dept, Technical University Munich) Towards attosecond X-ray experiments at free-electron lasers  Abstract (PDF)

Thursday 20th November 2016 13:30

Marconi Building, N115Dr Jean-Paul Mosnier, School of Physical Sciences, DCU, IE.Crocodile stalking zebra prey: The Scottish 2015 A-level controversial maths problem. Solutions, comments and reflections  Abstract (PDF)
5th May 2016
Physics Building N115 Jason Greenwood
Attosecond Optical Electronics 
 Abstract (PDF)
7th April 2016
 Science Building X130 Dr. John Regan, Univ. Of Helsinki, Finland Astrophysics: Title TBC 
Tuesday 5th April 2016 (15:00)
 Science Building, XG22Amber Gell, Spacecraft Systems Engineer, NASASTEM and Spacecraft Engineering. Title TBC  Abstract (PDF)   
24th March 2016
 Physics Building N115 Dr Paul Van Kampen, School of Physical Sciences, DCU, IE Educational Science: Title TBC Abstract (PDF)  


7th March 2016

 Prof Andrew Murray, School of Physics & Astronomy, Univ of Manchester, UK

AMO: Probing the interactions between lasers, electrons and atoms - how we combine different techniques to reveal new information about excitation and ionisation Abstract (PDF) 
25th February 2016
Physics Building N115 Dr Daniel Dundas, Dept of Physics, QUB, UKAMO: Simulating high-harmonic generation in molecules using time-dependent density functional theory 
3rd December 2015
Physics Building N115Prof Liam Barry, School of Electronic Engineering, DCU. Generation, Characterization, and Applications of Optical Frequency Combs for Communications and Sensing".  Abstract (PDF)
11th June 2015
 Physics Building N115Prof Guiseppe Sansone, School of Physics, University of Milan, Italy Ultrafast electron dynamics initiated by attosecond and intense extreme ultraviolet pulses  Abstract (PDF)
16th April 2015
Physics Building N115 Prof R. Kienberger, MPI Quantum Optics/TU Muenchen, DEAttosecond dynamics on solid surfaces  
2nd April 2015
Physics Building N115 Prof Turlogh Downes, Maths Dept, DCU TBA/Astrophysics Abstract (PDF)
26th March 2015
Physics Building N115 Dr Christopher Arrell, EPFL, SwitzerlandUltrafast photoelectron spectroscopy of liquids using VUV  Abstract (PDF)
19th March 2015 
Physics Building N115Dr Wachulak Przemyslaw, Inst. Optoelectronics, Poland Nanoimaging using Soft X-ray and EUV sources  Abstract (PDF)
 Thursday 5th March 2015Physics Building N115 Dr Niall Maloney,School of Physical Sciences, DCU.Real Time Bio-sensing using Micro-mechanical Sensors  Abstract (PDF)
 Thursday 13th November 2014Physics Building N115 Dr Patrick Hayden, School of Physical Sciences, DCU. Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) Abstract (PDF)
 Thursday 9th October 2014Physics Building N115  Dr Vitlii ShastunA statistical study of whistler wave normal angle distribution in the plasmasphere Abstract (PDF)
 Thursday 2nd September 2014Physics Building N115Prof Henri Bachau, Centre des Lasers Intenses et Applications, Université de Bordeaux-CNRS-CEA, 33405 Talence Cedex, FranceIonization of hydrogen with KeV photons Abstract (PDF)
 Thursday 26th June 2014Nursing Building HG05MacKenzie R. Stetzer, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Maine, Orono, ME, USA.Examining student understanding of operational-amplifier circuits in upper-division physics courses on analogue electronics Abstract (PDF)