National Advisors Database

National Database of Professional Family Business Advisors to be developed by Family Business Ireland

Enterprise Ireland and Family Business Ireland are set to develop a ' County by County' Professional Family Business Advisors Database, 

Family Business Ireland are inviting professional advisors with expertise and experience in succession planning to become part of this new initiative.

This initiative is recognition of the importance of family run and family owned business to the Irish economy in terms of employment retention, revenue generation, sustainability and sector growth strategies.

The objective of this initiative is to enable family business owners to identify the professional advisors in their geographical area. Identifying and knowing whom exactly one should contact for advice is a hugely important factor in developing appropriate succession and exit strategies. All too often the first point of contact is the family accountant or solicitor who many cases have very limited experience in business succession planning.

This site is of importance to advisory firms, from large to small. Many mid-sized family businesses view themselves as ‘not big enough’ for the large firms to be interested. Large advisory firms whilst having all of the expertise can be viewed as somewhat impersonal and anonymous to the entrepreneurial family business owner.  

The Advisor Locator Map is all about identifying the individual personality of the professional within the largest firm or small practice and by doing so create a familiarity and first contact to those that may become the most important and trusted advisor to the family. 

Please download the application form here. Please note there is no registration fee. 

Contact Family Business Ireland on or 021-4320466. 



26th June, 2014