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Policy documents - DCU Energy Challenge

  1. Science Building Energy Challenge Overview (PDF)
  2. e3 Science Building Energy Efficiency Guide (PDF)
  3. e3 Energy Challenge Poster and Stickers (PDF)

What is the e3 energy bureau?

e3 is an energy management initiative between the four largest universities in Dublin, namely TCD, UCD, DIT and DCU. The initiative is in its 5th year and is supported by Sustainable Energy Ireland. The goal is to reduce energy use in 70 of the largest building by 10% by 2010.

What is the Energy Challenge?

We aim to achieve a 2.5% reduction in electricity use in 3 buildings between the week starting Monday 2nd Nov & the week starting 9th Nov 2009 through greater energy awareness.

How will this be done?

We hope that staff and users of the building will generate the savings through better house keeping and by being more energy aware.

Why this building?

The energy challenge is due to take place in the Engineering and Research building, Physics building and Science building. This building was chosen because:
1) It has a relatively high energy demands / unit area compared to other buildings in DCU.
2) This is a research building with large electricity demand; there is a lot of equipment under the control of the building staff.

How can you help?

You will be emailed energy guidelines which offer simple advice on how to be more energy efficient in the building. Please read these guidelines and where possible (and safe) try to be more energy efficient in DCU.

Why is gas not included in the challenge?

Gas consumption will be measured and checked against the baseline week but there are many factors which influence gas consumption many of which are outside the control of the day to day users of the building. Many of the electricity saving recommendation are also heat saving measures.

What is our target?

We aim to achieve a 2.5% reduction in weekly electricity use. Buildings in DCU have an advanced energy monitoring system which provide detailed energy consumption data.

Where can I find more information?

You can track energy use in your building and look at energy saving options by visiting the e3 website . If you require further advice please email: