RISE Programme

The RISE programme was developed to provide structured mentoring and practical experience to Retain, Inspire, Support and Enhance (RISE) undergraduate students from ethnically underrepresented groups in the Chemical Sciences.

The aim is to increase the number of students who represent different minoritized ethnic backgrounds to pursue a degree in the Chemical Sciences and who are going on to take up leading roles in academia and industry in the future.

Why we need the RISE programme: Racialism, discrimination, and ethnic inequalities exist in the Chemical Sciences, just as they exist in wider society. 

In the video below, Prof Mary Pryce from the School of Chemical Sciences at DCU and Prof Elaine O’Reilly (UCD), the RISE programme coordinator, will explain the programme's aim.



How does the RISE programme work?

RISE will recruit students from minoritized ethnicities through an application process based on interest and motivation. Prior experience or academic achievement will not be part of the application criteria, but applicants will need to explain why they feel this programme could help their career development. An informal interview will be part of the application process, where the applicants will be asked to explain what they hope to get from the programme.

If you are accepted onto the RISE programme, you will meet the other students from the partner universities (UCD, TCD and TUD) for a kick-off meeting in the spring. The three-year programme involves the following:



Flexibility will be a key feature of all activities during the RISE programme, including placements. We understand that students have personal and family commitments, and we will work with you to ensure that you can play an active part in this programme, whatever your circumstances.

The RISE programme is supported by the EDI. For more information on EDI, please visit the DCU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion website.

Project lead at DCU, Prof Mary Pryce (mary.pryce@dcu.ie), or Dr Loanda Cumba (loanda.cumba@dcu.ie) by email for an informal discussion.


RISE is supported with funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry through their Missing Elements Grants Scheme.


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