About the School

The School of Chemical Sciences is a home to a vibrant and diverse learning environment. All of our teaching and practice is informed by the state-of-the-art research conducted within the School. 

Our degree programmes in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Analytical ScienceEnvironmental Science and Technology and Chemistry with Artificial Intelligence cover the fundamental principles and practice of chemical, pharmaceutical, analytical and environmental sciences, built to create an outstanding and stimulating educational experience.

Our degree programmes offer the skills and knowledge sought after by many industries. Our graduates are nationally and internationally regarded by prospective employers and research bodies. We offer a supportive and innovative learning environment for students, researchers, staff and collaborators.

The School possesses an outstanding track record for postgraduate research and we are currently home to more than 60 postgraduate students engaged in research-based postgraduate programmes, in diverse fields. These range from the development of chemical and biological sensors and intelligent materials, to drug design and discovery, and advances in materials chemistry for nanotechnology applications.