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Seminar Series

School of Chemical Seminar Series 

The School of Chemical Sciences seminar series for 2023/24 is provided below. Contact Dr Ruairí Brannigan for the Zoom link for virtual seminars.

Date/Time:  Speaker:  Seminar title: Location:
27th October 2023 Dr Seán Jordan  Life in our Solar System: Origin, evolution, and existence XG22
4th December 2023    Prof. Tim Storr Designing Multifunctional Molecules to Control Protein Misfolding Seminar Room, Life Sciences Research Facility (LSRF)
26th March 2024 Prof Eli Zysman-Colman New Frontiers in Phoscatalyst Design and Photocatalysis XG14
11th May 2024 Prof. Todd Marder Metal-Catalyzed C-H and C-X Borylation – Synthesis of Boronate Esters Including Pyrenes and Perylenes XG14


Todd Marder Seminar Info

The School of Chemical Sciences seminar series for 2022/23 is provided below.

Date:  Speaker:  Seminar title: Location:
22nd September 2022 Prof. George Christou Single-Molecule Magnets and other Magnetic Molecules on ‘Molecular Nanoparticles’: A Molecular Model Approach to SMMs on Supports XG14
13th October 2022 Dr Ruchi Gupta Novel Optical Biosensors with Integrated Sample Manipulation XG14
10th November 2022 Prof. Rick Relyea  Fresh Water Salinization; From Ecology & Evolution to Real-World Solutions HG17
24th November 2022 Dr Peter Byrne Activation of alcohols and CO2 toward reactions with nucleophiles for organic synthetic applications XG14
10th March 2023 Prof. Sally Price Can we predict how pharmaceuticals will crystallize? XG14
31st March 2023 Dr Mikhail Filatov Photosensitizers with Charge Transfer-Mediated Intersystem Crossing: Design and Application XG14
19th May 2023 Dr Loanda Cumba From electrochemical detection of psychoactive substances to (bio)ink formulation SA101


The School of Chemical Sciences seminar series for 2021/22 is provided below. 

Date:  Speaker:  Seminar title: Location:
21st October 2021 Dr David O'Connor Monitoring and Modelling of Primary Biological Aerosol Particles Zoom
28th October 2021 Dr Ruairí Brannigan Pragmatic Monomer Design and Synthesis of Advanced Materials Zoom
4th November 2021 Dr Joaquin Klug Using Computational Chemistry to Study the Interaction Between Lipid Membranes and Nanomaterials Zoom
11th November 2021 Dr Loanda Cumba 2D and 3D (bio)sensor platforms for emerging applications from on- and in-body sensing to energy storage and conversion Zoom
18th November 2021 Dr Hasim Ibrahim New Ways of Making Bonds with the Main Group Zoom
24th November 2021 Dr Susan Kelleher The Fabrication of Naturally-Inspired Polymeric Nanostructured Biomaterials Zoom
17th February 2022 Prof. Robert Forster Wireless Electrochemistry: From Disease Biomarkers to Waste Water Zoom
3rd March 2022 Dr Kieran Nolan Teaching old molecules new tricks Zoom
31st March 2022 Dr Nessan Kerrigan  Asymmetric Catalysis as a New Route to Therapeutic Prostaglandins and Nucleosides  Zoom
14th April 2022 Dr Aoife Morrin Harnessing the Scent Disease for Wearable Biodiagnostics  Zoom
28th April 2022 Prof. Fiona Regan The chemical cocktail in water – analytical challenges and environmental data Zoom
26th May 2022 Prof. Silvia Giordani How does a nano-onion become a sniper? Zoom