Chemical Sciences - Postgraduate programmes

Postgraduate programmes

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M.Sc. in Advanced Chemical and Pharmaceutical Analysis (2 year part-time)

Give the background of ongoing development in the pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, food and chemical analysis sectors and the ongoing requirement for up-skilling of the workforce to maintain competitive advantage, this programme is aimed at professionals working in technical roles in these industries who wish to develop their career path. We provide graduates and scientists with a fundamental training in the theory and practice of modern, advanced instrumental methods of analysis. The programme is designed to supplement the material covered by primary degree programmes in science (particularly those which are chemical, pharmaceutical or biotechnology related) and will stress the importance of instrumentation in the solution of problems encountered in the workplace.

M.Sc. in Science Education

The aims of the programme are to further develop the knowledge base in the science subjects selected, to provide context for the science and to critically examine the methodologies employed in science teaching. While this programme attracts many second-level science teachers; the whole programme or particular elements of it may also be of interest to individuals in industry who are involved with second-level schools e.g. as organisers of school visits, etc.