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Chemical Sciences - Why study chemistry?

Why study Chemistry?

Chemistry is a vibrant science that profoundly affects the world we live in

As a fundamental science, it is involved in every facet of life. So many diverse sciences - physics, engineering, forensics, environmental and biomedical science - share an essential tie to chemistry. By its very nature, chemistry is the central science that provides answers to countless fundamental questions asked by scientists and philosophers dawn the ages, and today in our current laboratories. By studying chemistry, you can learn to use the powerful language and ideas that have evolved to describe and enhance the world's understanding of matter. Chemistry plays a significant role in everyone's future. From the Renaissance to rockets, from microchip technology to mapping DNA, chemistry is a central thread in the fabric of society. Almost every new technological challenge and important discovery has a foundation in chemistry.

Chemistry is an enabling science

One of the fundamental sciences that is utilised in all areas of endeavour. But in addition, chemistry is a broad discipline offering many exciting avenues and challenges. To illustrate the diverse nature of Chemistry and its impact on the world, one only has to glance at cutting-edge areas of chemistry that our staff members are directly involved in: from designing smart biomedical sensors & fabrics using intelligent polymers, on-chip separations with mass spectrometric detection for application in the Irish pharmaceutical industry, biophotonics for application in molecule-based electronics and display devices , and sophisticated detection systems for application in environmental (e.g. industrial waste streams) and biological samples.