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Analysis, detection and measurement – the science of precision!

B.Sc. in Analytical Science (Bachelor Honours) CAO Code: DC161

Of fundamental importance in today's information society, analytical science is the term given to the science of detection and measurement. We see, use and benefit from it every day, from the tests performed to check the purity of medicines, to the daily monitoring of industrial wastes, to analysis in the forensic laboratory. Through analytical science we solve problems of critical importance. Importantly, the B.Sc. in Analytical Science employs an interdisciplinary approach, educating you in both theoretical and practical aspects of chemical, biochemical and microbiological analysis. The ever increasing demand for more detailed and accurate data from within these disciplines means your services, as trained analytical scientists, will be in constant demand.


Think about it, what in the world isn't chemistry!

B.Sc. in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Bachelor Honours) CAO Code: DC162

Considered by many to be the central science among the science subjects, chemistry has a wide range of industrial applications that affect our daily lives. Chemists develop new drugs and pharmaceuticals and they design cleaner and more efficient reaction processes to produce them. On this degree course you have the opportunity to develop your understanding and skills in chemistry within a pure and applied context. The emphasis is on applications and industrial relevance - particularly within the pharmaceutical industry - with the theoretical and practical aspects taught through application. This will lead to a familiarity with the basic principles of chemistry ensuring you develop an impressive range of problem-solving skills.


Using science for the good of our health!

B.Sc. in Environmental Science & Technolgy (Bachelor Honours)  CAO Code : DC166

In recent years we have all become increasingly aware of environmental issues and their effects on our health. Problems such as diminishing fossil fuel reserves, radioactive and general waste management, and climate change have captured the imagination of the public and politicians alike. On this course, you will be encouraged to explore the traditional science disciplines of chemistry, physics and biology in combination with the discipline of health. In this way you will gain an understanding of the cause of the problems we face, and gain the skills necessary to reduce their impact on the public's health, as well as improving the state of the environment.