BSc in Data Science

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The course, which is the first of its kind in Ireland, is aimed at the study of information, where it comes from, what it tells us and how to turn it into a resource for business, government and social strategies. Decision making based on data collection, processing, analysis and communication has become a huge part of daily life involving crucial choices such as financial investments to government strategy to leisurely decisions like recommending a movie or choosing the best sports person to join your team. DCU is the perfect place to study this course due to our strong reputation in computing, engineering, business and mathematics. Our focus on innovation and applied problem solving means that we are always looking for ways to make a difference in the world. By studying with us, you will gain the skills needed to fill the ICT skills gap and meet employer demands both at home and abroad.

Course Structure

BSc in Data Science combines the 3 key skill sets of computing, mathematics and enterprise to provide the core knowledge needed to succeed in this growing area. The course will introduce you to the major concepts in data analytics, management, processing, modelling, visualisation and enterprise. You will learn to program, to study mathematics and learn to apply these skills to data from the real world, communicating the results to different audiences. 

The degree has been developed in close collaboration between the University, global centres of research excellence (Insight, ADAPT), and major industry players such as Accenture, Intel and Fidelity.

In Year 1, you will learn programming from first principles using Python and R. You will also study foundational mathematics for data science which includes calculus, probability, and linear maths. Furthermore, you will gain knowledge of databases and computer structures.

As you progress to Year 2, you will build on your programming skills in both Python and Java. Additionally, you will delve deeper into advanced mathematical concepts such as statistics and calculus. Furthermore, this year's curriculum will introduce topics related to data warehousing.

In Year 3, you will focus on data science specific topics in machine learning operations, ethics and research skills, information retrieval, graph databases and a practical project. You then have the opportunity to acquire invaluable experience by undertaking  a 9 month paid work placement (INTRA) in Year 3 this is usually with a business in Ireland but there are also opportunities to work abroad. 

Year 4 focuses on the latest technologies and cutting-edge advancements in areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, scalable systems, computational modelling, fintech, sports science, multimedia, etc. Additionally, students have the freedom to explore their own concepts throughout a year-long project. This year-long project will be showcased in an annual event known as the Final Year Projects Expo. This event is a chance to present your skills acquired during your studies to industry professionals who are interested in employing DCU graduates. 



In Year 3, you will have the opportunity to spend 9 months paid work placement (INTRA). The INTRA programme integrates academic study with closely related jobs. It will give you an understanding of the professional and practical business world and will help you to stand out in the graduate employment market.

Core Modules

Interviews with Current Students and Graduates

Image shows Julita and Joseph
Julita & Joseph

We spoke with Data Science students, Julita and Joseph, about their Expo project ‘Fog Climatology and Nowcasting at Dublin Airport’. The Final Year Projects Expo is an important annual event for the Faculty of Engineering and Computing here at DCU, allowing students to showcase their talents and high levels of knowledge amidst a large number of employers.

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This image shows Garry Campbell
Garry Campbell

Data Science graduate Garry Campbell shares his experience of the programme and how it contributed to his professional success. Garry graduated in 2022 and is currently working at a Junior Risk Data Scientist with AIB. 

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Image shows George Dockrell
George Dockrell

George, who is part of the Ireland Cricket World Cup team, came to DCU as a mature student having moved into professional cricket, and to England, when he was 18.

“When I looked across the different courses around the country, this one  stood out to me as it was very interesting, was incredibly practical and was applicable straight away.”

He says data science “was a pretty exciting area that I had not really been aware of before then.” 

George acknowledges the challenges he encountered during his studies but highlights how valuable they were in shaping his skills. Additionally, he shares insights from his INTRA placement and discusses how he successfully managed both cricket commitments and academic responsibilities.

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Careers and Further Options

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Data Scientist

Business Intelligence Analyst |

Customer Insight Lead

Team Leader

Chief Data Scientist

Director of Analytics

Risk Analyst

Knowledge Engineer

Data Programmer