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The EdD is a research degree for experienced professionals from education and related fields who would like to extend their professional understanding and develop skills in research, evaluation and high-level reflection on practice. The programme aims to foster professional development through research as well as meeting the requirements of rigour and originality expected of a doctorate. It includes assessed taught courses, research-focused workshops and supervised original research. Through a strong group dynamic, the intention of the programme is to foster cohort solidarity, develop inter- and intra-personal skills that are critical for teamwork, while simultaneously developing writing, research, critical, analytical, communication, leadership and collaborative skills to the highest possible standards. The intention is to educate an existing and emergent educational leadership in the Irish context to the highest possible international standards. Areas of Professional Focus and contact details can be found below:

Areas of Professional Focus

Arts, Creativity and Imagination in Education

Doctor of Education - Arts, Creativity and Imagination in EducationContact: Dr Regina Murphy - regina.murphy@dcu.ie | +353 1 8842048

Arts, Creativity & Imagination in Education is relevant for those in all aspects of arts education practice such as teachers, artist-educators, arts administrators and leaders in the arts sector. This area of professional focus provides a pathway to explorations of:

  • Theories of creativity and imagination from multiple perspectives
  • Teaching and learning in the arts in formal, informal and non-formal contexts
  • Social movements worldwide and how they are manifest in arts practice
  • Policy perspectives on arts education in Ireland and internationally
Assessment, Learning and Teaching

Doctor of Education - Assessment, Learning and TeachingContact: Dr. Zita Lysaght - Zita.Lysaght@dcu.ie | +353 1 8842033

This area of professional focus is geared towards education professionals who want to develop dedicated expertise in the allied fields of assessment, learning and teaching.

Under the tutelage of scholars of international repute, students become part of a cohort of like-minded people from diverse education backgrounds who explore a range of specialist modules in the first two years of the programme.

Thereafter, students progress to undertake a doctoral dissertation that addresses an issue of significant import to the education community.

Digital Learning

Doctor of Education - Digital LearningContact: Dr Enda Donlon - enda.donlon@dcu.ie | +353 1 8842363

The Digital Learning area of professional focus will enable participants to critically engage with the key questions, developments, opportunities and challenges of teaching, learning and assessment in the digital age. Participants will:

  • critique contemporary theory, research and practice, and consider the implications for learning and teaching in the 21st century
  • critically examine policy developments in relation to Digital Learning
  • explore future trends and the potentials of new and emerging digital technologies for education
Inclusive and Special Education

Doctor of Education - Inclusive and Special EducationContact: Dr Fiona King - fiona.king@dcu.ie | +353 1 8842120

If you are interested in educational issues that focus on inclusion of marginalized learners, providing educational equality, equity and excellence for all, then this APF may be the one for you.

It explores policy, research and practice on equality in relation to a number of areas, for example, inclusion, special educational needs, disability and social justice while adopting an intersectionality approach; considering other impacting circumstances such as poverty, race, ethnicity, social inclusion, creed, economic status, gender and other marginalizing factors.

Leadership and Evaluation

Doctor of Education - Leadership and EvaluationContact: Prof Joe O’Hara - joe.ohara@dcu.ie | +353 1 8842104

This Area of Professional Focus:

  • Designed for individuals who wish to develop their careers as leaders in various organisational settings
  • Offers participants the opportunity to critically review and systematically apply key theories of leadership and evaluation
  • Provides participants with the analytic and practical skills and tools to lead and manage in complex settings
  • Gives individuals the opportunity to explore and apply theories and practices of evaluation allowing them to engage with internal and external quality assurance processes
Religious Education

Doctor of Education - Religious EducationContact: Dr. Sandra Cullen - sandra.cullen@dcu.ie | +353 1 8842098

Designed for people working in Religious Education who are interested in developing their research, policy, and curriculum expertise, this Doctoral Programme:

  • will provide you with the analytical skills to interpret the issues, concerns and challenges of RE in the public space
  • will deepen your understanding of the critical engagement with religions, beliefs and religious education
  • will connect you with best national and international practice
  • will empower you to take a leadership role in this rapidly developing area
Teacher Education

Doctor of Education - Teacher EducationContact: Dr Bernadette Ní Áingléis - bernadette.niaingleis@dcu.ie | +353 1 8842226

This Teacher Education Area of Professional Focus:

  • combines research, theory, policy, and practice in exploring how teachers learn across the continuum (initial teacher education, induction, continuing professional development)
  • provides rich opportunities for research in the learner’s own professional practice/policy setting
  • integrates complementary modules on pedagogies of teacher education and approaches to policy analysis
  • for teacher educators/teachers in schools, professional bodies, the Inspectorate, higher education institutions, and policy-makers
  • Global trends, international and national perspectives will feature
Values Education

Doctor of Education - Values EducationContact: Dr Jones Irwin - jones.irwin@dcu.ie | +353 1 8842155

This area of specialism will allow students to focus on Values Education. In Irish and international contexts, we see an increasing emergence of values education in:

  • Recent curriculum policy and frameworks from a multi-denominational perspective e.g. ERBE/Learn Together/ GMGY
  • Connects between primary and second level values education e.g. Core Values frameworks for schools
  • Theoretical literature, national and international (comparison with Scandanavia, UK, France)
  • At Initial Teacher Education level

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