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Academic biography

Professor Charlotte Holland is Deputy Dean of DCU Institute of Education and Professor in the School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies in DCU Institute of Education, Dublin City University. She held the position of Inaugural Associate Dean for Research in DCU Institute of Education (2016-2019). 

Prof. Holland was appointed to the expert research and policy advice think tank (T20) for the G20 leaders in April 2019, and as lead author has published policy briefs on transformative actions  for education within and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, and on monitoring and assessing the integration of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education across the G20 partnership. 

In June 2020, Prof. Holland was appointed as a Global Distinguished Expert to the Global Education Policy Network, GEPN. This newly formed network brings together leading global researchers and experts from across the globe to inform data driven policies in education. In particular, GEPN will provide policy guidance for educational institutions, governments and international organizations In the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

She is currently Director of the Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development for the greater Dublin region, RCE Dublin, which was acknowledged by the UN University in 2014. She lectures and supervises doctoral candidates in Education for Sustainability, and Technology-enabled Learning in the School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies at Dublin City University. She has a further interest in research excellence frameworks and assessment exercises of academic performance within the context of higher education.

Research interests

Education for Sustainable Development/ Sustainability Education, Digital Learning.

Prof. Holland is Director of RCE Dublin, a Regional Centre of Expertise in educating, innovating and researching of Education for Sustainability.  This centre was acknowledged by the UN university in March 2014, and is part of a network of national, regional and global RCEs. More information available at:

Recent Research Projects: 
2015-2017 Micool project funded by Erasmus Plus, Co-Investigator [CI]
2010-2013 RUCUS, funded by TEMPUS, Principal Investigator [PI]
2010-2012 Technology enabled Education for Sustainable Development funded by Erasmus Multilateral, [PI]
2009-2010 Sustainability education project funded by UBUNTU [PI]
2008-2009 VALESCO FP7 project application funded by Enterprise Ireland, FP7 coordination grant [PI]
2006-2011 Includ-ED project funded by FP7, Co-Investigator [CI]
2002-2005 Citizenship and Science Exchange Project funded by EU Peace and Reconciliation, [CI]