Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This conference is a safe space for people with intersex variations and those with a supportive interest in intersex issues to share their research, advocacy work, and experience. In order to maintain a safe and welcoming online environment for all attendees, please adhere to the following code of conduct.

For attendees

1. Be inclusive – support people of all backgrounds, abilities, neuro-divergences, sexualities and identities;

2. Be respectful to all attendees and speakers. Verbal or physical aggression/disrespect will not be tolerated;

3. If you are a member of the media/press, please identify yourself to the conference organising team in a brief email to prior to the conference.  During attendance, please identify yourself to the Panel Chair and audience before proceedings commence. Thank you.

4. Avoid using stigmatising language;

5. Be respectful of individuals’ self-defined gender identities and pronouns;

6. All events will be chaired. Speakers will be given time to receive questions after all papers conclude, please wait for the chair to invite questions.

For speakers

●     Please keep your paper within the time allocated and respect the chair of the panel when any guidance is given regarding time;

●     Please be respectful, stay on topic and do not address interpersonal, academic, inter-activist, or any other disputes in your paper;

●     Please be aware that visual imagery may be upsetting to some attendees;