International Relations and Politics: Careers Fair 2016 - 24th February

International Perspectives

We are acutely aware of the fact that being intersex is a diverse experience within and across global societies and cultures.  We appreciate that many commonalities are shared within the global intersex community such as a commitment to human rights and a belief that intersex surgery for cosmetic/cultural reasons should stop. 

We are also aware, however, of the nuanced experiences that intersex people have and how these may be defined by different cultural contexts.  Being intersex in one country may be profoundly different compared to being intersex in another, especially when issues such as oppressive political regimes are considered or in countries where women's and children's rights are contested. 

We respect the diversity of the global intersex community, in fact we see it as a strength and a powerful force that can be used to effect change.  We believe our learning becomes richer when it is infused with multiple perspectives - each should be equal.


Click here to listen to, and watch, Joaneva from Nairobi talk about her experience of being intersex in Africa 

I was literally told 'You're shaming us by going public.  Push this aside'.  Being a woman with MRKH in an African setting is almost like a death sentence.  Basically, you're a nobody unless you can bring a child into this world.  I was lucky that I met a doctor who said 'Let's do an ultrasound'.  Otherwise, I would never have found out.

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