Our Research
The Convention Centre Dublin joined our #IrelandTurnsPurple campaign on Intersex Solidarity Day, November 8th, 2020. Image: Maria Feeney.

Our Research

Our work seeks to understand what it means to be Intersex/have Variations of Sex Characteristics (VSC) in Ireland. Our findings will inform policy to improve the lives of people whose bodies were born different. Read about how we are doing our research and how you can participate here.

What is our research about and why is it important?

For the first time in Ireland, we are attempting to understand what life is like for people with atypical sex characteristics - otherwise known as having a Variation(s) of Sex Characteristics (VSC) - intersex. 

At the moment, there is not enough data about people’s lives to meaningfully engage in policy reform to ensure that their rights are upheld in all aspects of life and society.  Our study seeks to change that by learning about what it means to be intersex/live with variation(s) sex characteristics in Ireland. 



Or contact us intersex@dcu.ie with your queries.