Participating If You Are NOT Intersex/do not have VSC/DSD

We intend to capture as many perspectives as possible in our research.  That's why it's important for us to speak with some non-intersex people.  The voices of parents and other family members have been absent from Ireland's intersex story.  We are committed to ensuring our research is as inclusive as possible.

If you identify as any of the following, we'd be really interested to hear from you

  • Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s)/Carer(s) of children who are born intersex/ with DSD/ with a variation of sex characteristics
  • Other family member(s)/Partner of intersex people/with VSC/DSD
  • Medical Professionals, including Allied Health Practitioners, who have practiced/are practicing in this field.

We can facilitate an interview over Zoom/Skype/Phone while social distancing measures are in place.  If you would rather wait to meet with us in-person, please email us intersex@dcu.ie and we will arrange this with you.