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Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is an exciting multidisciplinary field which integrates the rapidly advancing fields of medical and engineering science for the benefit of society. Ireland is at the forefront of the medical device industry attracting global leaders in the cardiovascular, orthopaedic, diagnostic and general medical sectors.

DCU offers an undergraduate B.Eng. (Hons) in Biomedical Engineering Programmeand conducts nationally and internationally funded research in Biomedical Engineering focused on the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular Biomechanics And Intravascular Medical Device Design
  • Biomaterials (Vascular & Bone Tissue Engineering)
  • Biomechanics Of Orthopaedic Implants And Musculoskeletal Surgical Interventions
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound Surgical Device Technology
  • Implant Coating Technologies



Biomedical Engineering teaching and research in the School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering is carried out in collaboration with the following partners:



Current biomedical engineering research projects in the School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering include:


Numerical Modelling Of Intravascular Stents
(Dr. Caitr?na Lally, Dr. Bryan MacDonald)
Investigation Of Therapeutic Ultrasound Surgical Procedures
(Dr. Garrett McGuinness)
Investigation Into The Powder Production
And Application Of Hydroxyapatite (HA) Used In Femoral Implants
(Dr. Joseph Stokes)
Development Of Scaffolds For Bone Tissue Regeneration
(Dr. Lisa Looney, Dr. Joseph Stokes, Dr. Dermot Brabazon, see Novelscaff)
Processing Of Polymers And Hydrogels For Vascular Tissue Engineering Applications
(Dr. Garrett McGuinness, see Novelscaff)
An Investigation Into The Plasma Spraying Of Bioceramics For Use In Femoral Implants
(Dr. Lisa Looney, Dr. Joseph Stokes)
Curing Characteristics Of PMMA Bone Cement
(Dr. Abdul Olabi, Dr. Garrett McGuinness)
Development of patient specific numerical simulations of fracture fixation strategies
(Dr. Bryan MacDonald)
Medical imaging as a tool for determination of cardiovascular tissue properties and diagnosis of disease
( Dr. Caitriona Lally)
Modelling and Design of Bioabsorbable Implants (Dr. Bryan MacDonald)