Week 5 - Building Your Resilience and More...

Dear Students,
Welcome to our first weekly SS&D newsletter, keeping you in the loop on upcoming events and available resources, designed to help you thrive in the year ahead.
It’s hard to believe that we are now in Week 4 and, no doubt, things are beginning to heat up for you! Spend some time this week making sure that you now have a system in place for your notes and that your filing system will still make sense in 6 weeks’ time when you are looking back over the Semester! Time will move even faster now and you will begin to get busier in the coming weeks. Don’t forget there is lots of help in DCU and we are available via Zoom for one-to-one appointments during the week. If you don’t know who to contact, simply mail student.support@dcu.ie and we’ll get back to you quickly!
Happy Organising!

 Event                                            Date                 Time                   Event Link
Mindfulness:                                        09/11/20            13:00 - 14:00               Register here
(Responding rather than
reacting to Stress

Pathways to Success - Wk 4              10/11/20            13:00 - 14:00               Register here

(Growing Your Strengths)

Pathways to Success - Wk 4               03/11/20            17:00 - 18:00              Register here
(Growing Your Strengths)

Afternoon Mass (Online)                     10/11/20            13:00 - 13:30            Live stream here                                                                    12/11/20            13:00 - 13:30           Live stream here
Career Essentials Series

(Assessment Centres)                           11/11/20            13:00 - 13:30              Register here

Easing Low Mood
(Session One)                                       11/11/20            13:00 - 14:00              TBA

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How to Build Your Resilience - A Simple Exercise
Feeling lonely or missing contact with friends? Experiencing online fatigue? Feeling uncertain about what the future holds? You're not alone!

These are just some of the experiences being reported by students at this time, as they face the new reality of living and studying during a global pandemic. That's why this week's spotlight is focused on resilience building - how students can build the resilience to cope with the challenges they face and learn to thrive in this new normal.

Helena Ahern, Head of DCU's Counselling and Personal Development Service has given us the following simple but effective exercise to help students to build their resilience:

Resilience Building Exercise for Students

'While we might not often stop and take stock of the way we spend our day, now is a good time to step back and consider doing the following exercise.'

1.    Make a list of all your daily activities from the time you get up until you go to bed.
2.    After you have done that, go down the list and categorise each one as:

NNurturing activity (activities that nourish you/increase your wellbeing and self-efficacy)
D Draining activity (activities that deplete you, reduce your energy/motivation)
M -  Mastery activity (may not be very pleasant but give you a good feeling once complete)
3.   a) Make a choice to increase activities that nurture you and increase your sense of              achievement/engagement.
      b) Consciously choose to decrease activities that deplete you (while acknowledging                 that there are certain aspects of our life that are not in our control).   
4.   Track and notice your level of well-being as you consciously put step 3 into practice.
       You may like to keep a weekly record to help make this practice more conscious.

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Q. How can I access the Library?

A. DCU students automatically have full membership to DCU Library, O'Reilly Library, (Glasnevin Campus) and Cregan Library (St. Pat's Campus). DCU Library has introduced the following new services to ensure the safety of students and staff: Click & Collect, Book A Seat, Scan & Send. Be sure to also check out LETS (Library E-Tutorial for Students) - a series of online tutorials to help you to locate, evaluate and use information effectively.

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