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REA Special Issue on Sacred Music

Issue 10 of the peer-reviewed online journal REA: Religion, Education, and the Arts is edited by Dr Róisín Blunnie (DCU) and Dr Orla Flanagan (TCD). The issue is called 'Sacred Music: Perspectives on Performance', and it brings together perspectives on sacred music from diverse Irish and international scholars, several of whom are active not only as writers, but also as conductors, composers, organists, and singers, and whose areas of focus traverse centuries and sub-disciplines of musicology and performance.


Religion, Education, and the Arts, Issue 10: 'Sacred Music: Perspectives on Performance'

Edited by Róisín Blunnie and Orla Flanagan, 2016

General Editor Paula Murphy

Introduction and Contents

Mark Duley, 'Performing Sacred Music Today: Context and Culture'

Ian Leask, 'Performing Cosmic Music: Notes on Plato’s Timaeus'

Róisín Blunnie, 'Seeking the Sacred: Edward Elgar’s Caractacus and Surpassing the Roman Empire'

Ryan Weber, 'Politics, Prayer, and Performance: Aspects of Harmony in Edvard Grieg’s Four Psalms, Op. 74'

Thérèse Smith, 'Mediated Worship: The Emergence of Digital Technology and its Impact on Performance and Reception in a Rural Mississippi Church'

Andrew Johnstone, 'The Performing Pitch of William Byrd’s Latin Liturgical Polyphony: A Guide for Historically Minded Interpreters'

Seán Doherty, ‘Et Clamabant’: Introduction and Choral Score

Rhona Clarke ‘Salve Regina’: Introduction and Choral Score


16th August, 2016