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Dr Andrew Kellett

Chemical Sciences

Name: Dr Andrew Kellett
Department: Chemical Sciences
Role: Academic Staff - Inorganic Chemistry/Research Convenor
Secondary Work Area: School of Chemical Sciences
Phone Number: 01 700 5461
Ext. 5461
Email Address: andrew.kellett@dcu.ie
Room: X117
Campus: DCU Glasnevin Campus

Personal Contact Information

Website: https://www.andrewkellettgroup.com


Biographical Details

Andrew Kellett is Associate Professor of Inorganic and Medicinal Chemistry in the School of Chemical Sciences at Dublin City University, Ireland. His group are based at the National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology (NICB) and Nano-Bioanalytical Research Facility (NRF) and focus on artificial gene editing, metallodrug discovery, and therapeutic nucleic acids. He is coordinator of the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) ClickGene, the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Career Development Award Polynuclear Platinum(II) Biomaterials (PPtBio) for Antisense Therapeutic Application and Detection of Human Genetic Disease, and his lab is also supported by the Irish Research Council and the Science Foundation Ireland funded Synthesis and Solid-State Pharmaceutical Centre. He is a graduate of Maynooth University (B.Sc.) andTechnological University Dublin (PhD) and was then appointed as A.F. Graves Postdoctoral Fellow at the Focas Research Institute until 2011 and thereafter joined the School of Chemical Sciences at Dublin City University.

Group website: http://www.andrewkellettgroup.com

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