Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland

Correspondence Courses

Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland is pleased to announce details of our online Correspondence Courses for 2021! This year we have combined our TY Correspondence Course and our OS Correspondence Course into one term, beginning at the end of January. Correspondence Courses offer students an opportunity to experience third level subjects in a supportive and encouraging learning environment. Over the course of six assignments, students will gain a deeper insight into their chosen subject, dealing first-hand with some of its core topics. This year we are offering Writing, Psychology, Legal Studies and Medicine. The course consists of six assignments, running from January to May, every three weeks. Students receive a course handbook by email, and follow the assignments outlined, submitting their assignments by email on or before the given deadline.

Our Correspondence Courses are open to all interested Transition Year students, regardless of whether they have attended programmes with us previously. If you have any questions please contact Orla, orla.dunne@dcu.ie. For brochure and application please click the link below.

Please Click Here for the Brochure